Historical Reproductions

Keicher Metal Arts is a recognized leader in historical metal reproductions. From historical hardware to entrances, to lighting fixtures, you name it …if it is metal we can replicate it! Quality is of utmost importance to us, our attention to detail is second to none.

Two of our most notable historical projects are the NYS Capitol Elevator Restoration and NYS Assembly East & West Lobby Restoration:

NYS Capitol Elevator Renovation:
historical reproductionsKeicher Metal Arts was the exclusive metal fabricator in the replication of two historic elevator entrances (circa 1908) for the NYS Capitol in Albany, NY. Our work included fabricating the elevator cabs in bronze, fabricating bronze hoist way doors, hand forging bronze grills, making custom bronze castings, and fabricating these very ornate entrances.



Historic Torchiere and Wall Sconce Reproductions at the NYS Assembly East and West Lobbies:
   historical reproductionsThe original torchieres, which were natural gas powered, were melted down for the war effort. Since none existed to take patterns from, we reproduced them from historic photos and extremely detailed architects’ drawings from John G Waite and Associates. Each torchiere is 14’ tall and is comprised of 70 components. Several processes were used in fabrication such as casting, metal spinning, lathe turning, machining, water jetting, welding, brazing, polishing, etc. We hand-carved approximately 20 different patterns and molds for both lost wax and sand cast components. The globes were custom made. All fixtures are UL approved.