Custom Zinc Roof Cresting at St Lawrence University’s Historic Herring Cole Hall

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Original damaged roof crest

New Roof Crest: The new cresting was formed in 10′ sections. They were formed in two 3 dimensional faces and soldered together at the entire perimeter.

New roof cresting progress: First round of stamping new roof cresting

New roof cresting progress: Second round of stamping and partial trimming

Closeup detail of finished roof crest

The roof cresting is attached to the ridge covers that we brake formed out of galvanized steel









The original finial was rotted very thin and had numerous patches of tin, caulk, even spray foam!










Where possible original sections are stripped and used to make hammerforms.

A couple of hammerforms and the new components that are made with them

Sometimes we use both male and female hammerforms. Repousse components are hammered out from the behind (female form) then details are chased back in from the front (male form).












This component was too thin and damaged to make a hammerform from so we sculpted a new form

Boxed it up …

Poured a new hammerform (as seen on the top left). This picture shows just some of the modified and custom made tooling for this job

The large “Water Leaf” urn section coming together

Completed, fully soldered zinc finial.
All components of this finished finial are hand formed “repousse” and soldered together into one unit.
(Repousse is the technique of shaping & hammering malleable metal from the reverse side)

New finial in its place at the end of the new roof cresting


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