Repairs & Restorations

As time goes on…eventually once beautiful items need to be fixed or restored. Let Keicher Metal Arts bring your project back to its original functionality and grandeur! Historical metal restoration and repair is a large part of what we do.

We have restored a wide variety of ornamental metal products. Everything from sculptures and plaques to entire historic entrances, gates, bronze night doors, wrought iron fences etc…

Sometimes a project requires a total rebuild such as a Kalamein door or window that is in pretty good shape on the outside, but, the wood core maybe deteriorated. We can typically disassemble the unit down to its base parts, build an entire new wood core, then re-clad with the salvaged metal. Other projects may only require missing parts to be replaced, or new hardware, pulls, pivots, etc. Historic light fixtures are another example. We can replicate missing or damaged parts as required, restore the remaining metal, re-glaze, re-wire, even incorporate modern electrical components.

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photo 8b

Yes, these pictures are the same entrance! We repaired the bronze doors, rebuilt and restored the hardware, cast a new bronze grill (making the mold onsite) to match an existing grill, designed and fabricated 2 new custom door pulls, and refinished the entrance.

Give us a call for your next repair or restoration project.