Light Fixtures

custom metal light fixturesKeicher Metal Arts has been fabricating custom and reproduction light fixtures since Day 1. For custom or contemporary lighting we typically work form architect’s designs. We can fabricate using any or all of the processes available to us. Machined, fabricated, cast, spun, forged, punched, formed, and extruded components may find their way into a custom fixture. We also do our own wiring, glazing, polishing, and finishing. If required, we can label your fixtures with a U.L. Listing.

Our specialty is the restoration and/or replication of historic light fixtures. We can restore your existing fixtures as well as replicate missing fixtures or components. We can take patterns, molds, dimensions from existing fixtures, or, as in the case of the NYS Assembly Torchiere project (shown here on the right), we can work from old photos and drawings.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have regarding your project.